Welcome to my “lightning in a bottle” if you will. This is my space for thoughts and observations of the human experience that don’t quite fit anywhere else; essentially my space for capturing the current running through me at any given moment. It may get erratic, it may get whimsical, and it may not suit you, your beliefs, or opinions… but then again, this is not English class and my words are not required reading. Whether you’re searching for a mist or monsoon, I hope you find a sense of meaning amidst whatever storm you are weathering.

2024: Refinement

This year is going to be one of adjustment. With this in mind I am not going to make lofty goals for myself or try and enact great change as change is already inherent in the journey to parenthood. Rather, I want to focus on honing that which is already working. I want to simplify…

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Pinterest Fail(ed) Me

Ah, Pinterest. You are so captivating; but what I have begun to recognize is that you are indeed my captor. The idea of Pinterest on the surface is well-meaning. Let us suggest to you a wide variety of inspiration and content tailored to your interests. Great! The more insidious side of Pinterest I have come…

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Sex &Self-Worth

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, I just wanna be your girlI do, I do, I doJohnny, Johnny all you gotta do is say the wordI’ll do, I’ll do, do anything for youJohnny, Johnny, Johnny wants me always wearing heelsSo I do, I do, I do’Cause Johnny’s gonna be the one who finally makes me realIt’s you, it’s…

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Success of Self

One of the concepts in my life that continues to evolve as I do is this idea of “success.” When we are given our social scripts of what constitutes a life of successes, the usual tangibles come to mind; the job, the partner, the house, the kids, the car, etc. etc. I can point to…

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Change (Nature of Being)

Fall is here, and with it a season rooted in change. I have recently identified my favorite sound; the sound of wind rippling along the leaves. I sense I resonate with this sound as it speaks to a changing of environment. Were it not for the wind, the leaves may never shake from their homes…

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A Growing Body

It is a wild thing to grow a human.To be celebrated for your vastness and the space you take up;To feel loosening and strengthening simultaneously in body and spirit.  I am growing something wild, and I feel a fierceness like never before. I have never felt a protective sense towards my body, and I have often…

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