Change (Nature of Being)

Fall is here, and with it a season rooted in change.

I have recently identified my favorite sound; the sound of wind rippling along the leaves. I sense I resonate with this sound as it speaks to a changing of environment. Were it not for the wind, the leaves may never shake from their homes and make space for new life to form. 

Change is inherent to our nature of being. Our cells regenerate, turning our system over for renewal with new life. I have never been one to oppose change. Alternatively I have learned to embrace it as change has been a constant throughout my life. Rather than resist change, I seek to discover what I can learn from a season of change. Amidst this reshaping, what am I learning?

For now I am learning resiliency and vulnerability in equal parts, and that one cannot exist without the other. My resiliency must be rooted in an ecosystem of vulnerability to experience life. I am learning I am a deeply feeling person, and that I carry a myriad of expressions. I am also learning that I will not crumble as I identify with these emotions; rather, I will source my strength and resolve. 

Change is inevitable. May this season fortify you with wisdom on the course of self-discovery.

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