A Growing Body

It is a wild thing to grow a human.
To be celebrated for your vastness and the space you take up;
To feel loosening and strengthening simultaneously in body and spirit. 

I am growing something wild, and I feel a fierceness like never before. 
I have never felt a protective sense towards my body, and I have often longed for one I didn’t have.
I am not immune to the unrealistic beauty standards set forth for the women in our society. 
I have seethed in self-hatred and found myself comatose with comparison envy. I have immense compassion for these versions of myself, for they only knew an existence rooted in fear. 

These last few months, I find myself charting a new path.

The air feels different here. I have enough internal wisdom and resiliency to know I will not drown in the harsh waters of self-doubt. This space is steeped in grace.

I am carving out space for a new life. 

And so I must grow, too.

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