30 Before 30

As someone with long-standing depression and anxiety, I have historically had a torrid love affair with happiness. If there’s one thing I could share about life lived/field experiments in happiness and well-being it would be this- the joyful life is not found, but rather made. 

I feel we were pitched this myth when we were young that “one day” we would find happiness;
as if we could stumble upon it. As if the false idols of consumerism, partnership, or work would be enough to satisfy our inherent need for joy and fulfillment. To me happiness is not a white picket fence,
but rather what you choose to cultivate inside of where you are. 

In this spirit of creating a joyful human existence, I bring you my “30 before 30” list. I feel that like sediment we need to be shaken up every once in a while before we become too accustomed to settling.
Personally, I’d rather be reaching than settling. Here is me reaching for joy in the form of intentionality, curiosity, and passion. 

What does your “reach” look like? You were given this life for a reason.
My only hope is that you use it to exercise your existence.

Health & Well-Being
feel strong and embodied
have energy healing done

Creativity & Expression
finish a novel/book draft
take a nude/live painting class
enter a writing contest
showcase in a show/exhibit

Learning & Enrichment
take a dance class
attend a TEDtalk
try archery
learn a song on an instrument
read 100 books
try improv

Spirit, Awe, & Whimsy
rock climb
have tarot read
visit the UP
bury a time capsule
be hypnotized
go roller skating

Career, Development & Future
buy a home
become a REAT (EA Therapist)
attend a conference
teach a class/present on a passion
start new cert journey
meet someone who inspires me

Connection & Community
start a Little Free Library
get ordained
get a meaningful matching tattoo
attend a masquerade
dress up for ren faire

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